The Answer My Friend is Blowin' in the Wind

Or so it would seem in Ilocos Norte province north of Laoag.  Drove through there a few days ago and saw the 20 windmills at Bangui lined along the coast to make the most of the shore winds.  Supposedly they supply about half the electricity used by the 600,000 residents of the province.  Further inland at Burgos there are a reported 50 more similar windmills.  Hopefully this will help reduce dependence on oil.
Meanwhile today in Ilocos Sur the electricity went down at 8:15 AM, was not back until 4:30 PM, breaking last year's record of 7 hours 30 minutes without power.  Since October 24 there was only one other outage 3 weeks ago for 2 hours.  Last year from October to April we averaged an outing every 3 weeks.
Wondering if anyone in Ilocos Norte could tell me if you have similar shutdowns, but it is probably more about the system than the source of power.
When there is no electricity here there is no WiFi either.  Am wondering how all of this compares to other places in the Philippines.  In Pennsylvania we lost 4 days of electricity in 2012 due to hurricane Sandy and another year we were down 4 days because of an October 29 snow storm.  One of the reasons we come to the Philippines around October 15, don't return to PA until April.

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