Need support about life in Porto

Hi Liz,

I'm an expat living in Porto since January.
I had too many doubts when I've moved here. But the things are getting better and I learned to love the city!
Now I'm working as a real estate agent, so if you need some support to rent or buy a house, I can help you.
As also the doubts you have about the life here :)


Hi Gabriela.  I am moving to Portugal next year but have not settled into a city yet.  Interested in Porto.  What do you see as the pros and cons of Porto ?  Also, have read that it is VERY difficult to find an apartment in Lisbon to rent.  An expat posted this on the internet about Lisbon -
2018 Update: it seems the housing situation has gotten even worse. Do not come to Lisbon expecting an easy time finding a place to live. It’s truly like a Hunger Games style deathmatch right now with everyone fighting for even the crappiest apartments. You can still find something if you’re determined (or have much more than the usual budget) but I’m just saying that it’s probably not going to be easy!
How difficult and expensive to find an apartment to rent in Porto ??  Airbnb as an example seems very expensive for a 1 bedroom in the city ?  Thanks,

Moving to Porto next year from Australia. Have spent two Christmases and New Year in Porto and Lisbon. Both I love but are different. Love Porto, very relaxed and not as ‘big city’ as Lisbon. Felt very at he there. Thats my choice anyway...

Thank  you

I think the current situation in Lisbon is like that.
In Porto is difficult to find as well, lack of options, but the prices is not SO expensive as in Lisbon!

We can find a Studio or 1bed aptm for about 550€/month in Porto
If you want to buy, you can find good options between 90.000 and 110.000€

When I came with my husband we rent for 3 months and after we bought an aptm because the loan we got is 1/3 the price we used to pay in rent per month

About the pros and cons of Porto, the only thing I had as complaint was solved: find a decent place to live.
It is not a very big city, but we have good public transport, good food, beaches, airport. It's very comfortable live here.
I've already lived in Faro, Algarve, but in my opinion, for sure here is much better because we have things to do the whole year, not just in the summer like in Algarve.

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