Working out duty fee's from the US?

Hi all,
I was wondering if anybody knows what the duty/customs rates are for having something shipped from the US?
Is there a set percentage or some kind of formula to work out?

Basically I want to work out if it is worth having something shipped from the US as it's considerably cheaper there but with all the fees on top it might be worth getting it closer to home.

What is it you want? And do you have someone there who it could be shipped to, and then they send it to you?

Basically I'm after a telescope, even with the shipping added on it is still a healthy amount cheaper than the same one anywhere in Europe or the UK but that's before any taxes are applied.

And unfortunately no I don't know anyone stateside.

Does the website say anything about it? Usually if they ship overseas they have some info... What are they charging for the shipping, and how does it compare to the national shipping? If it's not a very big diff, then it's possible you'll wind up paying some. High-tech kind of stuff is not something I have attempted to bring in, as I do think they'd be more likely to slap fees on that; personal "gift" boxes they just charge €10 for customs having taken their time, if it gets checked.

But I think they care more about gadgets and such, as like you found, they tend to be cheaper in the US than Europe, so I don't think they want to encourage them to be ordered there. Plus since it'd be direct from the company, it'd be clear it's a new item (personal used things do not count for adding tax, only new products). So it's certainly plausible they'd slap on the 21% VAT. If this telescope is a hundred bucks, then it's probably still worth it. If it's 200+, it may not be worth the potential added cost.

Why don't you check out the price in Switzerland? Some high tech things could be found cheaper there due to the lower vat. Just a thought. Other than that, I think you would be charged the 21% vat for importing things in the EU. But let me locate the source and I will post it.

Search here: … dex_en.htm

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