We have joined the forum today. I did ask this question on introduction, but am asking again in case it does not get picked up there.
We have been looking on a site called Xpat. Who advertise accomodation, if you like the look of a place, you pay the deposit and up front rent, then they give you a video tour of the place, if you like and agree at that stage all the landlords requirements you can move in. After 48 hours if you have no problems they hand your money over to the landlord. It all seems a bit strange,  or perhaps this happens in Madrid? There are two issues here, one is they say you will be required to pay them a "small amount" for video etc, I cannot find out what that small amount is and two, perhaps more important, can this form of doing business be trusted?
If you have had any dealings with the company  or have any helpful information, please reply.
As I say maybe this is the way of things now, I do not know.
Not saying the company isn't trustworthy just need to be sure. Thanks, Severina

Welcome to the forum.

This all seems suspicious to me. You pay to see the video so what happens if you do not like the property? Do you get money back and if so do they take a 'fee' out of the amount for the video?
The videos should be viewed before any money changes hands. It is not a good way to get accommodation. You should be in Spain and check it all out personally. Perhaps get short term accommodation such as Airbnb and look around. Deal with landlords direct.

Too many grey areas associated with all of this which could see you losing money.

Hi. Joined the Forum yesterday. Asked a question re accommodation and got reply. Great.
Still on.the subject t of accommodation,  we have two friends who are Spanish, both and they have a little girl aged 2+ who goes to nursery. They too are looking for an apartment in Madrid.  Two beds. Small is fine. They would prefer to deal with owner direct to save on agency fees. They can pay one months deposit and one in advance on s budget of 650 euros a month. We.have known them a long time and they are as honest and trustworthy as they come.  If anybody on the Forum has an apartment vacant, sorry needs to be furnished or semi furnished at least. Please let me know and I will put you in touch.
We hope to be in Madrid early in the New Year ourselves
Thanks again for the reply today

There are plenty of rooms available in that budget range and directly from the owner I think … o-privado/

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