Allotment of 180 Days per Year for US Citizen

Hi all,

I am planning on staying in Rio from early January through late June for a total stay that would be just under 180 days. I have the multiple entry tourist visa as a US citizen. As such, I was going to request an extension from the federal police at the halfway point.

However, I have learned that I will need to make two trips back to the US in late April and late May for personal reasons. Therefore, I wanted to make sure that I am interpreting the visa entry/exit regulations correctly.

I am still planning on asking for the extension at the end of my initial 90-day period (in early April), as my first trip back to the US will occur beyond my initial 90-day period. However, does this extension in any way affect my ability to exit and re-enter for those two trips to the US in April and May? For example, would there be any trouble with me re-entering either of the two times I am returning from the US? I ask because I had seen somewhere that there was some rule regarding having to spend 90 days outside the country after using up your 90-day tourist period, but maybe this was for passport holders of Schengen countries who enter on the visa waiver program?

I just want to make sure that the 180 days per 365-day period doesn't come with any stipulations that would trip me up, given the itinerary above, as I am dealing with requesting an extension as well as multiple exits and re-entries into the country.

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