Finding a job from Morroco

My name is leila akkaoui and i am glad to join this forum, i am not an expat yet, but i want to come and live in UK, i am actually looking for a job contract from Morocco, so  i expect you to advice me and give me informations about the different possibilities and how can i get a job from here, once more thank you very much for this forum, and looking forward to hear from you,

   Yours sincerly

Welcome to the forum Leila  :)

More information needed as to what type of work you are seeking, what formal and educational qualifications you have along with work experience.

Take the time to read other threads here on the forum for information. You should also go to 'Discover' at the top of this page and open 'The England Guide' for information.

Thank you very much, very nice from you

yes i read some informations at the England guide, thank you

Hello all,

A new thread has been created from this post on the England forum to facilitate the interaction.

@ leila ENG, were you able to move forward with your job search?

Let us know how we can help you.

See you soon  :)

Alexia Team

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