EP Processing Times November 2018

Hi All,

My application for EP was lodged early November. It is not 22 days.

Anyone had applications done in Oct/Nov? IF so, what was the processing times?

me too waiting ..was raised on 9th Nov.

thanks for your input. Hope you get it soon.

I will update when I find out more.

let me know anyone got it! I am also waiting

Oct 10th my company applied for epass. It rejected with no spass in company(29th of Oct rejection happend) and  so the company raised my salary and applied again as a new E pass application on Nov 5th. 21st of November it changed the status to 'pending document' state. They asked some additional document and my company provided the same. 28th November it got rejected saying that document is not received. So my employer contacted MOM . Mom says could be because of some browser issue, they didn't received the document. So my company uploaded the document again on the same day with an appeal. So from Nov 28th it is showing as pending. Any chance I will get my Epass? trying to get an Epass from October!

My company has applied for EP on Nov 13, 2018. It shows pending in MOM portal still, it's been 22 days from the date of application. How many days will it take for approval and anyone facing the same situation?

got the visa approved today 7th dec..approx. 1 month it took

wow congratulations. wish mine also approve soon.

congratulations. No luck for mine yet

They are saying they are waiting for some documents - not sure what and they are not saying.

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