Expat Marriage procedures

I am an expat living in the city of jeddah, it's been 3 years that I am in a distance relationship, she's from Slovenia and as we intend to take it to the next step, I wonder if it's possible that I could marry and bring her here to Saudi Arabia.

My question is that what papers do I need to make the marriage contract here?

Practically speaking:

Both parties must have Iqama
Both must be Muslim
Female must have written permission from her sponsor or guardian

In your situation, since it seems to be an inter-faith marriage and the person isn't resident here; the easier way would be to get married in Slovenia or your home country, get the marriage certificate authenticated by MOFA of that country and then the Saudi Embassy there, submit for a dependent visa for your wife in Saudi, bring her over and then get her an Iqama.

Thank you very much for the information

Yes it's the best way

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