How to apply for the 60 days tax exemption?

I've work in Malaysia for about 2 week under a PVP. The company has already applied a tax ID for me and I intended to declare my tax online once the exercise starts.

Since the total working days is less then 60 days, I should fall under the tax exemption law.  The question is how should i apply for this exemption? or will it be automatically granted when i declared my tax?

You have to go to tax office to do some documentation work.

Thanks Alantan4h for your reply.

I'm already back to my country (Singapore) at this point but I guess I need to take a trip back to Malaysia to settle this. If there is a better way to do this, please let me know.

What is the procedure and what should i bring along? Can this be done in a single day at any LHDNM office ?

Hi, did you get vdr for pvp? What are the requirements needed to enter malaysia if pvp is approved already?

I did not get a VDR. I'm not to sure about the requirement either.

I went to the tax office (LHDN) to apply for my E-Filing Pin which was provided to me without issues. When I enquiry about the 60 days exemptions, unfortunately the staff was unable to provide any information on how to apply it or what paperwork are required.

Overall, they found my whole situation to be strange to begin with. Getting involved in a tax situation because I was assigned to work in Malaysia by my oversea company as a technical expert/advisor, under a PVP for 2 weeks.

I searched online for an answer for quite some time now and there just doesn't seems to be a solution on how this exemption work.

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