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Hello all!! My name is Claribel born dominican currently living in Irvine CA. I am wat to find an apartment in the 1500-2400 price range from mid June to the end of August preferably in puerto Plata near the beach. I am moving to the north Coast within a year with my 11 years old kid. What I want to accomplish with this summer stay is to seek the area become familiar with it check out international school , I work from home but the location near her school is top priority as well as security, safety and overall a top notch environment for me and my baby!!! Thank you all for all help. Looking forward to read all of your great suggestions 😊

Welcome to the forums.  You will do fine with that budget!

In addition to close to school if you work from home keep in mind the Internet needs. Some areas are better than others!

The international school is in Sosua not Puerto Plata.  You need to narrow down your search to a specific area PP area covers a lot of territory including Confresi, Sosua, Cabarete to name a few.

Have you been here before?

Bob K

And there are a number of "international schools" to check out. But only one International School!  Lol.

The one in Sosua IS the International School.  It is part of the world wide famous educational system of schools.

Yes!! To Punta Cana, I just want ti be close to the international School which I just called and find out is in fact in Sosua. Thank you

Yes I had to Punta Cana.

The north shore has many beautiful beaches. The one in Sosua is 1/2 mile long & Cabarete hosts the world championship wind & kite surfing. It is just 6 miles east of Sosua. Puerta Plata is 14 miles to the west with POP international airport in the middle. Also it is less expensive overall than Punta Cana.  Am I biased?  You bet I am!

Thank you!!  You’re absolutely right!!! Good internet connection is vital for my business. 😊

That will help you narrow down areas.  The International School is in Sosua,  there are neighborhoods close that have good internet and will suit your budget fine!

Next step -  get your butt down here to check it out honey! I am sure you need  a week away.....

I need a few weeks  :D to unwind!!!
Thank You

:D  :D  :D

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