Pécs. Looking for a managing agent, builder, electrician, etc

I recently bought a rural property near Pécs.

The house needs a bit of work, plumbing, building, not too much. Does anyone know the best person I am able to approach to get this work done? I was thinking of some type of managing agent as it will be very difficult for me to approach individual builders, electricians, etc as my hungarian is very basic !

You need to hire a competent general contractor.

Unfortunately, while there are out there, they are hard to find, and harder to schedule. Sadly, I don't know of any near Pecs.

Yes, you can outsource this task. And get a less than competent general contractor. And things may look great with new plaster and paint. But then might go wrong in a few years as plaster and paint hides a lot of sins. Soil water creep in the walls for example. Don't bother trying to then complain/sue. It is a waste of time.

But better maybe then to DIY, if you know the basic tasks needed.

Been there. So I can say, it is a mine field. You may luck out and things go fine.... or not.....


Welcome to Hungary.

I also live in a village near Pécs. What a great area to live in!
I would recommend a local guy called András who speaks good english and is both knowledgeable and helpful. His email address is *** and  by all means mention my name.
Best regards
Graham Croft

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My name is Richard, I worked in construction industry for 30 years before moving here with my wife, who is Hungarian, I trained as a shipwright, but worked as carpenter and general builder. The only thing I can't do is electrics, but my son in law (hungarian) works for a general builder here in hungary, if I can be of any help just email and let me know what you want.

Hello everyone,

@ Richard, feel free to register your services in the Hungary business directory, it could come handy whenever members need a service provider and also because promoting your services is not allowed on the forum.

Thanks in advance,

Graham, I have sent you a personal message.

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