Could someone tell me the best way to transfer money "into" Vietnam from the states or Thailand?

Here in Thailand we use the SWIFT money system as an example with Bangkok Bank. We only spent a week there my last trip... The one bank I talked to said no problem opening an account, But I don't see a routing number in the states for them.

Once again... Any advice will be met with the beverage of your choice when I arrive. Our next trip... Will be for a few weeks or so and I would like to get a head start on anything I can to speed up the process.

My guess after Jan.... You guys are going to be seeing a lot of us from over here in the Kingdom.

I transfer money to VN all the time through a local bank without any problems.

Perhaps you are not seeing them because you are in the Da Nang part of the forum but there are numerous threads on transferring money into Vietnamese banks.  You need to click on the "Vietnam" in the tree at the top of your page to see posts for the whole country.  I think your question is well covered there including some recent threads like these two:

Thank You THIEV and Colinoscapee...

I'm new to this forum... Yes, I see we must be looking in the larger area now.

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