Meeting new people

I'm Finnish living soon in Tunisia. I would like to have new friends, maybe meeting in coffee or something!! Anyone? 😁❤

I am American
With a french mom
And I have been living here in Carthage-Tunisia for the last 2 months

Let’s hang out
When u get here...


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Nice Oliver😁
I get your email and write to you.

Thank u jellona
Looking forward to meet u

It’s olivier not Oliver

Okay Olivier😍My bad😛

It’s all good...

And lastly
The last 4 years
I spent a year in
Costa Rica
South Africa
And now Tunisia ...
I love to travel....and until I feel it..
I will keep it
Maby Helsinki next ?


I will keep at it ...( I meant to say) my bad !

Yes, you should visit Helsinki. But go in summer. Now its dark and people are depressed😂😂😂😛

Actually I have been several times...the Dallas stars(NHL) hockey league had a lot of  finnish players..and I became close to them, I even met lithmanen of Ajax Amsterdam ...I like Copenhagen a lot..Scandinavia indeed is awesome in the summer....if u never been to a 3rd world country u are in for a big advice...try it but don’t ever try to depends of ur personality and ur degree of tolerance..
But I have a flat in Monaco so I go for the weekend once a month at least...lucky I have 3 passports....let’s communicate through emails...I rarely go on this site...80% of the members are Tunisians ( I wonder why they call it expat)...
K ?

Hello dear virtual friend,
I have to confess, I am not into vanilla friendships, I am a good friend a loyal one
I like my friends for a lot of différents reasons...including intellectual capacity
Having a drink for the sake of a drink doesn’t do for me
Friendship should be nice, kind, sweet and exchanges, and experiencing différents takes on life

Having said’s your choice
By thee will be my last message on this platform


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