Hi! I would like to get to know you.

Hi! How are all of you? I am Yuen from KL. I am a Malaysian and would like to make friends either male or female from around the world or someone just came to Malaysia and would like to know the country better.

Hello. I am from IRAN. I am looking for a MALAYSIAN business partner who can help me set up a business of selling selected products from IRAN in MALAYSIA. There are several high quality products in Iran with very low prices. Please kindly help me find a good business partner.

Hi Nikham,

It would be great if you could share what products that you mentioned.

The products are: nuts, raisins, dates, honey, fried onion, Iranian special delicacies, etc.

Also i am thinking of setting up an outdoor kiosk for selling a special type of cold noodle dessert with traditional ice cream. I can send you the photos on whatsapp.

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