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Hi All!
My name is chantelle, from Liverpool uk and I’m new to the forum.
I’m currently in a relationship with a man I met in hurghada and I love him deeply, and he does me. it is my intention to marry this man (Ahmed)
I stumbled across this site when I was looking for information about us having an Orfi wedding.
I am coming back to hurghada in the next week and life is pretty hard for us to be together like a normal couple as we are not recognised as a married couple.
I would appreciate any pointers or help from anyone who has been in a similar situation such as this.
Many thanks
Chantelle x

First thing to know - Orfi is just a sex licence with absolutely no force in law in any country. All it does is protect you from laws regarding sex outside marriage in some Muslim run countries, and then there's nothing guaranteed.
Either party can dump the agreement at any time without any comeback.
If he's really interested in you, he'll go for a real marriage.

You might also like to check to see if he's already married as I'm assured many married men use an orfi for a bit on the side.

Dangerous ground.

Well I’m sure he’s not married as I’ve stayed in his home for weeks at a time and there has been no sign of anything underhanded,
Although you have sent my head into a spin now lol, how would I find this out for sure?

No idea, but I would be tempted to ask why he doesn't want a real marriage.
Orfi marriages are commonly just for sex with a lower risk of getting arrested

We’re only in the early stages of our relationship and marriage is definitely the goal but I think it’s probably a little soon to be married, I have not even met his parents yet as they live in Cairo.
As for the Orfi marriage only being for sex well I suppose that works both ways, it’s 2018 and it happens to be something I definitely want in our relationship so if that is made less complicated with an Orfi marriage then I’m definitely interested in persuing that. The last thing I’d want is for any troubles to go his way because of me

Whilst the new Egyptian law (2000) recognizes the women's right to seek divorce from an Urfi marriage, the law denies her alimony and child support.

There are also controversial, unofficial Urfi marriages where a couple sign documents declaring them selves married.

A can of worms, especially for a non Muslim  person. Tread carefully.

Hello chantelle ,

Orfi is a primary marriage contract , usually used pre legal marriage to avoid problems regarding living together with police or other authorities.
i advise you just to have a copy of contract and ask him to legalize it at police station by approving the contract date.

in case that you are not going to get married legally within maximum 3 or 4 month , i recommend you to ask him to legalize it in court , it may take up to a month .

before getting legally married its recommended not to enter in any material merchandiser or property until you will have a residency on marriage in case you are intending to live here for a while .
same time you wont be able to buy a property on your name unless you have a residency here  ( non touristic )

its advised also not to buy any property on his name until you have residency here  to avoid unexpected surprises that im resolving ,

it is advised even not  buy any property from even a company cash or on leasing  unless your lawyer is present .
many companies in hurghada are selling apartments then bankrupt.
always ask for a legal translation for any document you sign .

Egyptians are society levels so each one is different from the other ,he being from Cairo is a bit acceptable  and can be controlled and reached.

remember you life experience at your country of origin and habits and traditions is something and here is something else , so dont use the same measure .

last but not least  enjoy it max  and consult before you take major decisions .


Thank you.
Should the worst happen and we were to separate/divorce I have no interest in seeking any alimony or support, I am self sufficient and always have been.
My hopes would be that he truly loves me the way I love him and we progress into a beautiful official marriage and live as a normal couple the way we do here in the uk 💞

Much appreciated advice, thankyou

and that will happen as much as you think of .


Hope this doesn’t come across as negative but I’m from the UK and have a property in Hurghada, I’ve seen and heard some real horror stories. Firstly I’d be asking why he is asking for orfi marriage as opposed to a legal marriage, is he intending to apply for a visa and come to England? The thing I’ve learned about Egyptian men is they won’t take money from a woman, especially their wife, they ALL adore children and their ultimate goal is to have a family, they wouldn’t marry anyone their family haven’t met and approved of. If he’s Muslim his religion is very important to him and he will want a Muslim wife.  If he’s saying non of this is important to him I’d feel concerned, if you’ve discussed it already and happy that it’ll work , and a lot do, good luck to you. By the way Egyptian men are amazing husbands and fathers if you get the right one.

impartial fact, i diffidently agree with you.

I thank u so much for your help

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