Seeking a Marketing Job

Hello I am qualified and experienced in Digital Marketing. I am seeking a suitable job in Dubai. Does anyone know of any for which I can apply? I am getting an error when I try to contact job posters hence I am unable to make contact and send my CV.

Hi Darpanparsan,

Why not create your own advert and cv in the Jobs in Dubai section of the website ?

If an opportunity arises and if your set of skills is in demand, recruiters will contact you.

All the best,

Thank you, Bhavna!


The effective way is to take 3 months VISIT VISA and move to this country. It won't cost you much.

1) Skills and knowledge are secondary to availability. They advertise a few days before the start date unless it is high end products worth more than 10million per piece. For that, they need experience and deep knowledge.

2)  a UAE number & address is vital, then only they will consider.

3) Driving License is almost critical, it will take around 4 months to get with a minimum expenses of AED 5000.

4) Cheaper accommodation are available in Dubai, always stay in Dubai for job search, all companies are here, and metro facilities.

Conclusion: Come here with Visit Visa (3 Months) costs you around AED 1000 and plan to live for 3 months, you will definitely get a job. You can convince your employer that you have already started the process for driving license once you are here.

Best of luck with wishes.


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