EP rejected Nov 2018


My agency applied my EP last 12/11/2018 and I've found out last  20/11/2018 in the website that MOM rejected my pass . I've asked my agency for the reason but they said it just a generic reason and they did not requested for any documents.
They said that they have requested for an appeal last 21/11/2018 but my status is still rejected.

I just want to ask how long will it take for them to check the appeal? Will my status in the MOM website will be changed to Pending again?

Thanks in advance :)

Read the open threads in category “visas”, you will find that all these questions are addressed many times. Good luck

Hi surya2k

Thanks for your response. I am now reading the thread. But still a bit confused on my Hr's reply to me.
I asked them the reason of my rejection, their first reply was 'Rejection reason was not revealed' and they said they have appealed for my case the day after it has been rejected.

But when I sent to them this from MOM website:
You have 3 months to appeal an unsuccessful Employment Pass application, but you should do so only if you can address the reasons for rejection.

And they replied, it has a rejection reason but a generic reason from MOM.

They did not get any documents from me, they just re-applied it.

Is it their fault? Or there is something wrong.

Thank you. I am just so worried.

Rejection could be due to several factors e.g. salary mismatch, job quota issue, job didn’t post for 14 days at Job Bank, documents submitted has got mismatch with your declaration in the application form, incomplete submission etc.

To appeal, the employer must have to address those deficiencies, or else it will be again going to reject.

On what basis, your employer appeal? Did they address the reason of rejection?

Sometime, MoM gives enough evidence to understand the reason for rejection. If they did not provide any information, employer can check with them to get a basic hints, so that they can address to that GAP.

Your appeal if gets successful then only eponline site will change the result from “rejection “ to “approved”. Good luck

Hi surya2k,

Good Day!

Thank you for your reply 😊

Is it normal for an agency to not tell the reason? They said that they have sent an appeal but did not disclose how they addressed the issue.

Also, Is MOM giving a one time rejection for all the incorrect details, salary issue, documents etc?

Because I am afraid another rejection reason will come out.


Agency should have told you but it’s employer (if it has appointed any agency to do work pass application process) should have informed you the reason and provide you details the changes in their appeal before appealing.

This is not one time, MoM will reject each time if it found discrepancies in your documents.

Hi surya2k,

My agency provided me below generic reason/question from MOM:
The generic question is why are we getting foreigner and not local

I know that they've posted it on the Job bank before they've applied my pass so I think it is not the reason.
Also, they did not tell me what documents they passed to MOM they've appealed last 21/11/2018. Right now still waiting for the result.

I am so worried but I think it is waiting game now.


@gcast15 -> Got the update from mom? I am in same situation. I would like to know

Hi surya ,
My EP was rejected after filing a week time .
My employer suggests it is a salary issue which is not matching from initial. He insisted it can be re-applied again on 19th August using the actually salary. I thin it is a salary mismatch issues during the process.
I would be glad your if you could provide Kind comment on it and my chances of successful application. Any answer will be highly appreciated. Than you. 😊

If indeed it was salary issues then your employer has to justify why they did revise your salary. Any changes during appeal should have proper justification with back up evidence. If your employer is able to justify then MoM may re-consider your case. Good luck

Hi surya,

Thanks for your reply. It helps.
Hope it has a streamline process during an appeal. It is such a game between mom and employer and so as an applicant like me, I can't help anything but to be patient. 😊

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