Sending and receiving packages in Malaysia


As an expat, there are inevitably certain items you might want or need from back home, and around the holiday period, many people like to send gift packages.

How easy is it to send and receive packages in Malaysia?

Is the public postal system efficient?

Do people tend to prefer using private shipping services? Which ones?

How do the costs of the private shipping services compare?

How long does it take generally to receive packages from abroad in Malaysia?

Do you have to pay taxes on items received by mail from abroad?

Are packages delivered right to your doorstep, or do you usually have to go collect them somewhere?

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No There is no Hassle in this.

You will get your Package Safely and on Time.
You dont need to Pay any Tax

Use PosLaju, as it is economical and reliable to send/receive package from outside the Malaysia

Sending packages from Malaysia is generally not a problem but receiving them can be a huge hassle. If they do arrive (rarely), they've clearly been tossed around or opened. Family & friends have stopped mailing gifts because most never arrive at all. Ordering books is also a hassle as they arrive weeks (longest was four months) late and the packages have clearly been opened.

Ordering from places like Amazon is better but not foolproof. The trick there is having items sent via courier (DHL, etc.) and to keep the total cost down - not altogether difficult as shipping fees and duty tend to be just shy of the cost of the product.

For 500 grams and below, use the Flexipak. Its a fixed price including Pos Malaysia's package and you can add tracking to any package for RM4.60. Flexipak is something like EMS and is reliable and moves quickly. Avoid packing your goods in your own package because then you pay the top rates which are very expensive. I think Flexipak also has larger boxes, see the website for more details and information on what you cannot send, like bottles of liquids. Also you will see international rates for large items.

For sensitive items like a laptop, use FedEx or similar because they use more care in handling and also have insurance against loss or damage. Pos Malaysia has no automatic insurance.

Though I often use Pos Laju, its the worst. I use GDExpress or similar local courier when possible as the rates are similar but the service is much better. There are many competing local couriers and more starting up all the time.

Unlike Thailand and Vietnam, Malaysia doesnt search your goods before you ship.

I mail all the time, almost everyday and in nearly 20 years I only had one incoming package get lost. Otherwise I have never lost anything coming in or going out.

That said, Pos Malaysia, which was never very good, was privatized and I think it got worse. HICOM owns it and frankly the company is too big to care about customers. The govt should take it back and start all over to re-think how best to deliver the right service. They dont care about your suggestions or complaints, for example why it can take 2 weeks for an express package to reach Penang from KL. The workers are always near striking for higher wages and sometimes refuse to work, call in sick or walk out of facilities in protest.

Beware- although sending a receiving documents and packages can be much easier than in other SE Asian countries such as Vietnam, please be careful about what you send.  ANY types of medication are not allowed.  Not only that, but if you wish to ship vitamins, supplements and other types of non pharmacological products, the government is likely to deny entry to them at the border (this has happened to us).  Upon arrival at the airport, there is a large notice that warns arriving tourist to clear any supplements or medication before entering the country with customs officers.  Your own personal medication is not an issue.  So, be careful.  I find that the deliver of documents to the US can take much longer than two weeks using POS LAJU/MY POST, but at least so far all of my paperwork has arrived.

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I rarely receive packages from overseas but I do send Xmas and birthday gifts to Europe. Normal post service  is unacceptable slow and unreliable, it can take up to two over months to Northern Europe even as priority mail.

The private courier services like DHL, TNT etc are quick, reliable and efficient but, it is expensive!

I have mainly used Poslaju courier service  operated by the local post office. It is reliable, slightly slower than the private and a lot cheaper.

I have faced no problem with custom clearance in Malaysia nor in Europe.

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Sending and receiving packages can be a hassle.

Receiving packages for sure. If you order anything from out of country that has wifi or bluetooth you need to expect that it will be held up in customs and you will need to pay 100 rm for a permit. The permit process is a bit confusing and timely... you can have somebody do it for you, but they will charge you for it. I recently ordered a bathroom scale from Amazon, not realizing it would have to go through this process, it meant it doubled the price. You are also supposed to submit it for inspection within 14 days. Neither of our products have we been able to get inspected in that time, so we basically spent 100 rm each for two permit applications that got cancelled. Our boxes were also opened and stuff was smashed around and destroyed on it's voyage here. Aka: be careful about any electronic or breakables that you want to get through the border.

Another issue is with delivery. DHL was great, they called and were prompt. But extra cost. I think it is worth it.

We had some issues with Aramex, I would strongly persuade you to stay away at all costs. Packages were extremely late, sat in warehouses for days, said they attempted delivery but didn't. They would come to our building, but not ring up or try calling us, or even attempt to knock on the door. We were always home when delivery was "attempted" but yet no communication was made. It was almost as if we had to sit in our lobby all day and wait to hopefully intercept a potential delivery driver as they drove through.  With one package, it said delivered for a week, which it wasn't. We spent days trying to figure out where it actually was. No consistency with them.

Our recommendation: get it delivered to your place of work if at all possible or where somebody is all day to accept it. Trying to get things sent to your house seems to be a big no-no that even the locals avoid.

Yes I totally agree

Dear mam,

Please tell me about Malaysian DP 10 visa.

Anas2627 :

Dear mam,

Please tell me about Malaysian DP 10 visa.

This thread is about mail. Can you post your visa question in a new thread please?

Right....certain goods, electronics need an Approved Permit which is basically a 100% import tax duty. Before bringing in certain goods, google for those that need an AP. The govt has many times promised to eliminate the AP system but so far has not.

And, batteries cannot be sent to Malaysia anymore. I dont think you can send them out either in normal post. I am not SURE but I think only DHL and FedEx are approved to ship batteries like lithium ion. The govt has an electrical ministry, i have forgotten the name, and they can tell someone all the electrical do's and dont's. I have given up trying to buy camcorder and related batteries from China, they refuse to mail them. You can bring them in carry-on luggage but not mail them.

Another thing, I have been to the Customs office several times and on display are all sorts of seized goods, things i thought were entirely normal. A doll, like a Barbie doll, wearing a bikini is considered pornography and you cant receive it. Its best to check the website to see what you can have mailed here.

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