Sending and receiving packages in Kuwait


As an expat, there are inevitably certain items you might want or need from back home, and around the holiday period, many people like to send gift packages.

How easy is it to send and receive packages in Kuwait?

Is the public postal system efficient?

Do people tend to prefer using private shipping services? Which ones?

How do the costs of the private shipping services compare?

How long does it take generally to receive packages from abroad in Kuwait?

Do you have to pay taxes on items received by mail from abroad?

Are packages delivered right to your doorstep, or do you usually have to go collect them somewhere?

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Shipping things through private companies, such as DHL is easy. They even provide door-to-door service. However, receiving things at their locations can be a pain in the ass. For instance, my box was damaged, the last time I shipped personal items to the Philippines. Not to mention, it took FOREVER...or about 2 months. Other than that, the process was easy. However, use the public postal service, at your own risk.

Public mail is terrible, mostly because it's so disorganized. For example, the Fintas mail room is cluttered and mail is randomly stacked everywhere, even behind the service counter. Yikes! It feels as though they don't care. If your mail gets lost, which it probably will at some point, you will be out of luck.

The problem is that picking up lost mail in Kuwait often requires you to present a tracking number. However, in the United States, sending mail doesn't require a tracking number. A person can just pay the shipping fees and drop it into any mail box. So, chances of your sender knowing your number is next to impossible. What's worse is that there is no mail delivery service. So, you must go to the mail room. Your mail might not even be stored in your district.


Well Shipping things to back home is a very interesting and exciting. there are lot of things in Kuwait which has a good quality which you don’t get at your local market over there. people buy carpets, Electronic Items, Gift items and much more to keep as remembrance of Gulf at his/her home.
shipping though the private firm is much easier and cost effective than that of got postal service. if someone sends by sea cargo it costs .500/Fills per KG and air cargo it is double of it. there are insurance charges only for electronic items which is not that much.
Now a days everything is available online and local market with different brands and qualities, but while some is traveling back home he can take with him some items with luggage will benefit him. Items here are without TAX so falls cheap as compared to price in the native place. Here used items are also available like new that are much cheaper and big saving.
Private cargo comes to your door step and takes care of weighing and handling items and will deliver you to the door step at your distance. You can also track the record of your items online to know what is going on and where they reach. One should plan before a month prior to travel so that he will get them on time.

I had very bad experience with public post in Kuwait,it is more likely   that your package will be lost.
I tried
they were very reliable and honest,but sometimes expensive(from certain countries).
you can subscribe and wait for promotions ;)

Good luck

DHL but its pretty expensive

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