2018 PP Living: Different Areas: Safety-Rent-Flooding-Convenience

Pertaining to topic subject.
I'm curious as to current status of different PP areas to live.

I'm very surprised there has not been one single reply to this topic!

Is it a bad topic?  Or, just no interest in providing first hand information?

You're asking too much. You ask for a review of several aspects of PP, that nobody can answer.

Different Areas: Safety-Rent-Flooding-Convenience

That's a lot and not easy or even impossible to answer.

Ask more simple questions and you will get answers.


I was not expecting each respondent to have all the answers.
Thought there would be several individuals with knowledge of each they could share from their experience.

How about instead of spending one minute to pose a question expecting everyone to spend much more time to respond, you do some research, offer up your results to share then ask for additional guidance?   Otherwise it sounds like this:  I have no idea andI  have done no work and I might not even care tomorrow but, stop your life and tell me what you have worked hard to understand?

If you want something, offer something in exchange.

I've done extensive research.
I will be arriving PP in April. Only posed the question to get some information from those that currently live there.
Thought this site was for information.
Sorry for wasting your time.

which area that you prefer and in heart of phnome penh near supermarket

Thank you very much Nitanuon for taking time to respond.

I prefer to be in the heart of PP close to markets and river front. Would appreciate all info to area's which are considered generally safe with no severe flooding.

Are you planning to stay long?
There are lots of single room units right in the heart of PP.
Anything from USD 100 ++ per month.
Hear that some units even have own balcony.
But expect older units in less appealing areas.

Roof top units (with garden) are usually reserved for the landlord.
You may have to pay top dollar to secure lease.
Would prefer stay in PP nearest Central Market.
With easy access to conveniences & food.

Thanks for the info.

I may stay for a long period if I like PP. Will travel from Thailand and arrive PP 3/20 to stay for a month to decide if I will retire there or Thailand.

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