Thai driving license (MC)

Hi, I have International driving license for car but want Thai motorcycle license. Anyone know if there is any stydymaterial to prepare for the theoryexam on internet and in english? Im arriving in Hua hin in 3 weeks and want to be ready then. I Heard that its a 1000 posible different questions. And.. since the traffic partly is insain there is nothing wrong with knowing rules and regulations, right?
check this one

I think everything you need to know.

I've got a Thai car and bike license for 16 years. You can drive on an international, but only for six months, but if an accident happens, they'll ask you to show them a Thai license. ( Happened to a friend of mine before, so no hearsay!)

   I've got all questions and answers that they'll ask you, but haven't found a place to upload them here. Please send me a message and I'll give you my e-mail for further instructions.

         Cheers- Mike

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Here's a website that gives you an idea what the test questions will look like: … estions/2/

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