Visa and work permit.

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I come from India and got a job offer from Brussels, Belgium.
My current understanding is I have to apply for long stay visa (D visa) in India and Employer will apply for work permit Type B in Brussels.

List of documents required for work permit that need to be shared are -

-    Copy of all diplomas min bachelor
-    Copy of the cv
-    Copy of the passport every pages  including blank pages
-    Contract signed
-    Original of the medical certificate -

need to be an accredited doctor ( … visa/india)
-    Original of certificate of good conduct/police clearance certificate

and then apply for Visa once I receive confirmation from Employer about Work permit application submission in Belgium. Work permit usually takes 6-8 week as suggested by Employer in the meantime, I have to apply for long stay visa (D visa) in India.

In my understanding correct or require some modification.

It is all correct. First step is for your employer to get your work permit. Once approved, your employer will collect the WP and send it to you. With the work permit and other required documents, you will apply for your D type visa in VFS India. You can use the WP processing time to arrange all other documents for you and your dependent(s) if applicable.

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I have a query wrt to translation of Birth Certificate. My spouse original Birth Certificate (BC) is issued in a regional language. Is it mandatory to get the BC translated to French or Dutch or is English translation accepted . Any help here would be highly appreciated. Merci !

You posted the same question in another thread and got the response there.

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I would like to know if anyone has applied for work permit "A" and could you please let me know the things I should look out for before applying for it.


Work Permit A

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