facilitation visa


My husband and daughter are dutch nationals and live in netherlands. I want to apply through facilitation visa. Has anyone applied yet? do you know how long the process takes? How long can I live there with this visa? do i need to give a language test?

I am getting nervous and dont know whats the best way to apply and live there

The easiest thing to do is live anywhere in the EU except the Netherlands. Europeans have the right to a family life so they can bring in their family without much restriction or cost.

The rule (EU directive 2004/38/EC) applies to every EU country except the home country of the EU citizen! So a Dutch person bringing a spouse to the Netherlands will have to do all of the normal immigration process/paperwork/costs. But if that Dutch person lived in say Belgium or Germany then they could bring in their spouse under 2004/38 very easily.

The EU's own website is quite clear on the info non-EU spouse

Sorry but it isn't a law, it's an European directive. EU-countries have the freedom how they want to apply the directive.
The Dutch government has done this and yes you still have the right to join your family. However there are some restrictions made, but it's still possible.

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