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My husband and I are coming to Old SJ for a few weeks in January.  My husband has a serious disease and uses medical marijuana, which is legal here in NY.  However, we know we cannot safely transport it to PR.
  So, my question - first, is med. marijuana legal in PR? and second, if so, how do we go about getting it?  Is there a particular doctor he should see?  Or is there some other process?  He has the documents that support his condition and his eligibility to use it.
  Thank you!

Hi, & welcome to the forum.

We do have legal medical cannabis in PR ( non smokable).  It requires getting a card through a PR MD and paying the fees.  Getting a PR medical cannabis card will take some time, it may not be practical for a short visit. ( if I am wrong, someone will correct me). 

I don’t recommend attempting to smuggle anything into PR.  The DEA is on the job.  Luggage is routinely opened and inspected for contraband.

At any rate, you may have a nice visit and find a connection in OSJ , just ask around.

  Thanks so much for your response.  I agree -- trying to smuggle it is not worth the chance.

  I realize it could take a bit of time.  We'll be there for 2.5 weeks.

  If anyone knows of a doctor we could contact now, my husband could hopefully make an appt. so he could see someone as soon as we arrive on Jan. 1.

  Thanks again!

Sitka is right. Medical pot is legal.

If I were you, I'd ask your own doctor what would be the best course of action. It could be that all you need to do is show the documents, signed by his MD here, supporting his medical need for it in order to transport it to PR.

It is, after all, a prescription medication, and a legal one in PR.


I beg to differ, it’s not a medical prescription that permits you to transfer cannabis to PR.

If you want, call the airline and ask.   Don’t try to smuggle anything into PR.  😎

I;m not suggesting smuggling, but carrying a legally-prescribed medication into PR.

This might help you out, Sybil:


A distinction between a prescribed medication from a physician and an authorized use of medical cannabis is necessary.

For example, you may travel with your prescription for blood pressure meds or antibiotics or other drugs from the pharmacy.  However, medical cannabis cannot be taken with you on the plane to the island.   

Federal laws still apply.

Don’t want anyone to make a mistake that could be a major headache for you.

Google Frontier Medical Cannabis & Wellness Center the dispensary is located in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Humacao is about an hour from San Juan. I am only familiar with the Humacao dispensary. The guard does not speak English but the person helping you with your purchase speaks English.
If your husband has a state medical marijuana card from the state you live in he may be eligible for a temporary tourism medical card. For 30 day use while you are in Puerto Rico. If Puerto Rico  covers the same diagnosis as the state you live in then Puerto Rico has resciprosity and will honor your husbands card.
Outside Frontier has clinic days that allows you to meet with a physician to issue a temporary card for $65. You  need  2 forms if Id, your medical marijuana card, copy of your medical records documenting your illness. The doctor spoke English. After that meeting you are able to immediately purchase marajuana in the dispensary.
Be aware of Puerto laws and no use while driving.
All my best, Jacque

You need to get a medical card here which takes forever. We arent a reciiple state. You cant just come here and get a card or use teh card from your state.

Below is the number to the dispensary in Humacao. Ask for someone who speaks  English.  I can not speak for any other dispensary but the information I have given applys  to the services offered at Frontiers.

1. The criteria for obtaining a tourist medical marijuana card in Puerto Rico can be the same day if you have all your paperwork in order using this dispensary.
2. Unless this has changed Frontiers has clinic days. Outside the dispensary at a table  you pay to meet with a doctor who processes your paperwork and determines if you are eligible For a  30 day temporary medical Marijuana card.
3. Puerto Rico does have resiprosity in that you use your home state medical Marijuana card as part of you temporary card application  for Puerto Rico. If your state has the same qualifying conditions.

4. QUALIFYING  conditions in Puerto Rico.
Anxiety Disorders
Hepatitis C
Multiple Sclerosis
Spinal Wounds
5. If approved you are allowed to shop on same day at Frontiers.

6. For residents of Puerto Rico there is a similar procedure but it takes about 2 months to receive your card.

7. I do not have any financial affiliation with Frontiers Dispensary.

FRONTIERS HUMACAO Tel. (787) 719-7848 5 Triumph Plaza Barrio Río Abajo Humacao, PR

You can get a 30 day tourist card that will allow you to buy from a dispensary.
It can take some time, so get a jump on it...

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