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We are looking to coming to Tunisia in March for around 7 months. We will be driving from England. I am aware we will get insurance for 3 months. Do we then need to leave the country to get another 3 months insurance or is there any other way of gaining car insurance without leaving the country. Thanks in advance.

I was made to pay for a whole year of official Tunisian 3rd party insurance but I think the price was so affordable I really can not remember its price. I recommend calling Clements worldwide, they are a full service company that is both English and very international.

You do not need to be concerned about insurance. There are many insurance companies and they offer various packages in term of cost, benefits, and duration, while you do not need to ensure your car for more than 6 months. Indeed, as fare as I know, you will need to leave the country before the end of the sixth month (even to Algeria ) and come again. This will require an extra road tax. Actually a foreigner car could be authorized to run on the Tunisian roads without paying the custom tax, for 3 months renewable once only. But if it leaves the country, then replay.
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