How to get my deposit back from ex-housemate?

Hi everyone!

It has been 4 months... When I was still able to believe that everyone had a common sense, I had lived in a two room condo unit for 2 months with a Malaysian couple.

The couple occupied the big room and I subrent the small room from them. The contract they got for the whole unit was going to be over in two months as well. The couple said they rent the place through an agency and the landlord gave permission to them to sublet the room, both turned out to be one of so many lies they spoke.

By the time we all needed to move out, I found out there was no agency at all. I contacted the landlord through the management office and he told me the couple haven't paid the last two months rent and the electricity cost. Well, the couple was saying the other day that they didn't have any money to give me because they also need to get back their deposit first.?!

Until now they say - the guy is in Singapore with a new job, as far as I know, so I only talk to the girl nowadays - so, she says that she still got no money so cannot return my deposit back.

And I want to get my 1350 ringgit back! Because it is my hard-earned money and I got an impression that they are not the people who deserve any blind money. It might be quite hard to get it back but I still want to proceed, thinking it is a life lesson fee for precaution.

I have text I exchanged with them, the contract paper(the girl's name is on there), money transaction record to the guy's account, a little bit of audio file related to their lie about non existential agency, the girl's ic card number...

What would be the most probable method I can try? I'm thinking about small money claims court. But Is it true that I must know the future defendant's current address to file a claim at courts? Thanks so much to all of you to read this. Waiting for valuable experiences!

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