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My employer have applied EP on 12/11/2018 through online, but still I couldn't able to track the status of the EP in MOM website. Can you guys please let me know when I would able to check my status on MOM website.

This question is already answered many times. Please spend sometime in this forum to go through relevant sections before asking any question.

In short, it can take few days to a week or so to reflect at eponline. Good luck

Hi Surya,

Thanks for your reply, can I able to check my ep status using my friend FIN no?

Go to EPOnline, use your passport number to check EP status (in both pages input the same). It won’t allow someone else data to verify your record.

I used my passport number in both the page to check my EP status still it showing no record found.

It means your record is not updated in the system. If you don’t see your data after one week then ask your employer to check with MoM, why it’s not showing. Good luck

Hi Surya,

Thanks for your reply, now I could able to see my ep status in that portal, but it has been 10 days that my employer applied my ep pass but still it is in pending status.

If you read various open threads on same query, you will come to know that many of expats get their EP approval after waiting of 4 weeks or so.  You need to have patience. Good luck

Hi Surya,

Thanks for your reply my EP got approved and I received my IPA but I have certain doubts with my IPA.

I couldn't able to find time period allocated to work in Singapore in my IPA. Can you please let me know how to check those details.

The IPA letter normally states how long it is valid.
If yours does not, you should ask your employer to clarify it with MoM.

Thanks for your reply, I got the information form my employer

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