Going for a language trip to Azerbaijan, Baku March-May 2019

Hi everybody,

My name is Selma and I am from Sweden.
Me and my partner are planning to go on a 3-month trip to Baku with the purpose to learn as much azeri as we can.
The background to that is that my parents origin is from an azeri-speaking area of Iran but I never learned azeri growing up (only persian).

We need help to find an appartment in Baku and we are also looking for azeri-classes and/or private tutors in the language.

We appreciate any suggestions or contacts that you could provide to us since we haven't been to Azerbaijan before.

Selma. A

Hi Selma, welcome to Expat.Com

We have a housing section where you may not only browse through the offers, but also post your own "looking for" advert so that you might get some offers.

- Housing in Baku

Also, have a look in the Language classes in Baku section, you might find a tutor, if you don't find any related advert, feel free to drop your own one.

All the best,

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