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Hello my new friends,
My name is Dave and I have been planning for a couple years now to relocate to the Philippines. I’ve done much research, like finding a group to play hockey with! We have hockey here in the desert, Las Vegas, and also there in Manila.
I’ve been trying to get everything done before I fully pick up and start this new journey. I’ve had a few questions that were answered here on the forum. Some were answered but I’d like an answer again and maybe from another stand point.

1. I’m going to be using the “Classic”  my question is, do I need to open up an account with Citi Bank or JP Morgan? These were the banks listed on the website. Or can I just wire the 10k deposit from my Navy Federal Credit Union account?
2. The list of PRA Marketers is long and I’d like to solicit a suggested representative. By the way this is definitely the best thing about this visa. I was really getting nervous, the closer my plan became doable.
Thanks for your support

Hi David,

I got my SRRV visa so I might be able to assist you.  But I live in Cebu so I might not be able to refer you to a PRA Marketer if you plan to live elsewhere-not sure.

As for wiring money.  PRA money must go to specifically PRA approved banks and you would need to open an account before wiring money.  Before applying for my visa I traveled to Cebu where I open a bank account and meet with the local PRA rep to clarify what was needed. 

For example: I did not need to get an FBI clearance but a clearance from my local police department.

Let me where you are planning to live-if it Cebu I can certainly help.  If not, I might still be able to give you some assistance.

Hope this helps


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