Contact details needed urgently

Good morning Everyone

I am urgently trying to get hold of Lindsay who runs the Vida e coffee shops in Mauritius.

I have tried to e-mail the various branches but no luck.

Does anybody know him personally or have  contact details for me please.

I would really appreciate it!



Did you check the FaceBook Page

Check this site as well: … e-229.html

there is a number there.

Hope it helps. otherwise you can try looking on registered companies list at mauritius Network services (MNS).   and type Vida E Cafe Limited

It says it is has director as Mr SUSSENS BRENT ROBERT  and regsitered office at 3, EDEN ROCK LANE PEREYBERE MAURITIUS.

best regards,

Thank you Veekram

I appreciate your help, thank you!

I did try the face book page and left a message there too.

I went into the link : and I see the director
is Mr SUSSENS BRENT ROBERT as you mentioned.

I don't think Lindsay is a Director but he manages the coffee shops.
The reason I am desperate to het hold of him is because of a job opportunity for my fiancé. We were told that he needs help with running the shops and that he was more than willing to help my fiancé. We were given his personal e-mail address but he is not reading his mails.

I think my next bet is to phone each branch and try get hold of him.

Thanks again.

lindsay is my client. Whatsapp me on ***. I have his full details. Meet him almost everyday

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Hi Vanessa, trust that you are doing well! I have the Email address for you! Please send me your email address or Whatsapp details. Email me on XXX

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