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I am currently living in London and I would like to work in Marseille for some time. I have been there before and want to go back again.

I am a graduate in European Languages and trying to find a job that suits me and I would love to make new friends there!


I'm sure.

But, are you already a member of the EU by means of your passport ... ?

Yes, I am  :) . I have a Portuguese passport.

OK, so what are your "credentials". That is, can you give a short-short explanation of your work-history ... ?

Hello all,

I have created a new topic on the Marseille forum to help our friend [at]IMAndrade.

In the same way, [at]IMAndrade, It has been a while.
So how are things, are you still planning to move to Marseille?
Are you still on the lookout for a job?


Alexia Team

Hello all,

I am also in the same situation having just arrived in Marseille. I graduated last year with a degree in Celtic languages and I was offered a job by Babylangues before I came to France but they currently don't have any families available for tutoring. Does anyone know of English-tutoring/teaching or English babysitting jobs in the Marseille/Aix area? Your advice would be much appreciated!  :)

Thanks a million,

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