Hello everyone!
I live in Spain but maybe I´ll move to Cork with my boyfriend.
I´ll get a job in Glanmire, so we have thought that maybe is better to live in Cork, so we would like to know which place is better to live in Cork and not to far from Glanmire or with bus station close.
And if it is too difficult to find a job with a low level of English.
Thanks a lot!!!

Hello Joma23,

Welcome to,

When are you planning to move?

For more information on Cork, please check out the articles Accommodation in Cork and Finding work in Cork. You will get a preview of the destination and some useful information too.

Good luck  :top:

Alexia Team

Thanks a lot! They are so useful  :)
But I´d like to know which area of Cork is better to love if I work in Glanmire, I mean cose to buses and not too expensive. My boyfriend and I have been seeking on the Internet but we didn´t find anything really helpfull.
Thanks in advance.

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