Experience buying / selling Bitcoin in Sweden? TAXES ?


me and my girlfriend are moving to Stockholm. As a crypto enthusiasts and millennial we would like to buy some cryptocurrencies.. bitcoin etc..

Now we have few questions and we will be very glad if anybody can help us answer.

1. Do we have to report currencies that we will buy to the country?
2. TAXES ? Are you paying any taxes for cryptocurrencies in Sweden?
3. Platform / exchanges that are good to use / what are you using?

Thank you very much for your time :)
Tim & Katarina

Yes, you have to report all your sale and purchase of crypto currencies and pay tax on any profit you make.

https://www.skatteverket.se/privat/skat … 11b60.html

I'm not involved in bitcoin trading so I cant recommend any platforms.

hi there,
   is it convenient to buy everyday stuff using btcoin in Stockholm?


No only select businesses accept bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency.

would you explain more on “select business”?

if could use bitcoin for business, it's more convenient, for no need to transfer money any more,just like now I need to transfer euro or CNY into Skr.

I assume you are talking two different things now. My interpretation of "everyday stuff" is of groceries and consumable items at home. The answer to which is, I'm not aware of any business/shop that accepts crypto currencies.

You could however buy IT related products from chain like webhallen. There are few more but not many.

According to skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency), buying items like a pair of shoes with crypto currencies must be declared by individuals. So I'm not sure if that's more difficult or easier than exchanging currency. In my opinion is rather tedious.

There was a fake news sometime back that Sweden is launching national crypto currency, many people from outside Sweden started to have many incorrect ideas about business transactions in Sweden after that. I wonder if your question is coming from there.

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