Latest work permit processing time at Liege, Walloon region

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My name is Anantha, I am basically from India, currently I am on a student visa in France. I am pursuing my MBA studies here in France, I have completed my first year of MBA and for the second year I am at a liberty to take up internship or a full time job, as I have completed all my taught part. I will have my MBA degree once I submit my management project at the end of year 2.
I have a permanent job offer from one of the airlines in liege (Based on my prior work experience and my other technical master degree), they have applied for processing on my work permit (highly skilled, type B) in the walloon administration ( Directorate of Employment and Work Permits.) on 09OCT18.
I have following queries:

1. With the implementation of Single permit (refer to following link), there is some delays expected, I wanted to know when can I expect my file to be processed (From your recent experiences)?

LINK: … -employers

2. Initially my company said that I need not have to submit any medical certificate as I have stayed more than 1 year in France, later the walloon authorities asked for it.  I have submitted the medical certificate to them on 07NOV18. Question: Does the late submission of the medical certificate further delay the work permit approval date?

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1. No idea on the current processing time. Let us wait for someone who got it from Wallonia to respond.

2. No. This wont impact I think. And it is a good sign they asked for a missing document. Means things are moving :)

Good luck !

Thanks Aneesh for the reply, you do a great job by helping people with information  :thanks: .

My work permit got approved, following are the details:

Region: Liege, Wallonia
Work permit type: Type B, High skilled
Application date: 09-Oct-18
Approved on: 28-Nov-18

I am planning on writing a detailed blog on the work permit and visa application process.


I too thought of writing one. But the system is changing from January. A new single permit system is being introduced. So save time. Great intention though.


You got work permit as per new procedure?

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