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Hi Everyone,

I visited Israel in 2009 when I was working for JCSID Chin, a subsidiary of JCS Media Group, and thanks for that I had a chance to tour around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as Golan Highlands. Don't know why, after so many years, I am still missing the road and streets and the wild and beautiful lands I've walked... especially the sea shore of Tel Aviv... the people jogging along the sea shore... the dripping water drops for the plants along the seashore... I found that Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the world...

Yeah, I love my country China too... I'm not sure I really want to immigrate to Israel but probably I wish to move to Israel for relocating there a few years with my husband...or maybe for shorter traveling would also be good... 

I am personally very much into arts healing and if in Israel there are residents who have good healing programs for introducing to China and you need a China representative... this is one thing we may try...

My other strengths include sourcing and branding. My husband and I have a IT company too that help both local and foreign SMEs starting up in China easier...  Well, I used to be a good interpreter and translator too...  if you are looking for doing business with China, perhaps I can be a good helper.

I miss the hommms, the special salad in Israel very much!
Hope there is chance to visit again...

If you are an expat or rsident in Israel who has a business operation in Israel and looking forward to building business with China, please let's contact!



Feel free to post an advert in the Israel classifieds under the business partners category, your advert will surely benefit from more visibility.

All the best,

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