Child Friendly Condos

Hi Everyone,

I am moving to KL next January and started looking for Condos. I have two young children (4.5 boy & 5.5 girl) who speak Spanish, Indonesian, and English. I am looking for a nice condo that has 'sense of community' in around Bangsar. We are now living in one in Jakarta and they are very happy to have neighbor friends who would go to the playground and swimming pool at certain hours of the day and over weekend.

My budget is 10K RM per month for a 3+1 BR but I prefer to get one for 8000-8500 RM. I was recommended by a colleague to see Sri Penaga, but I am really considering One Menerung and Zehn Bukit Pantai as I like the layout and design better and they are newer. Does any of you know if One Menerung or Zehn BP is child friendly and offers good services?

Any review and suggestion are welcome...


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