RWR Card Application Process

Hi All

With regards to the RWR application. I think most of the information is pretty clear on all the relevant websites, what is required etc.

I have a job offer with a company and they are handling my application. So far I have handed in all of my documents, including the Wohnrechtsvereinbarung (which seemed to be a sticking point on a post in this forum).

So far I know that my education documents are being checked by the AMS. They handle the labour related part, checking qualifications etc. They requested some documents 3 weeks ago, then said they were going to check everything against the Key Workers point checklist. I've checked before and that is all OK.

They haven't requested anything further, so can I assume that that part is all clear and the application has moved onto the next step? Also, is anyone familiar with what the next step is? And how much longer I can expect it to take?



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