Which is better to live, Diego Suarez, Ile Ste. Marie or Fort Dauphin?

Hello. I am considering moving my family to Madagascar and would like some insight as to which of the following locations in Madagascar would be more pleasant, amazing and safe to live in, Diego Suarez (AKA Antsiranana), Ile Sainte Marie (AKA Nosy Boraha), or Fort Dauphin (AKA Tolagnaro).

We currently live in Ethiopia and the safety level here isn’t too bad, but I don’t think I would want to move to a country much more dangerous than where we are already. My brain says Ile Sainte Marie but my heart says Fort Dauphin. I LOVE windy beaches, being surrounded by the ocean (but not surrounded by tourists), and feeling like I’m at the end of the Earth, but I also don’t like being on high alert all the time (due to safety/security) because that takes the fun out of it for me.

Not many Madagascar expats seem to be very familiar with Fort Dauphin, so for any of you who have spent time in all 3 places, feel free to give me some input.

Thanks in advance!

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