EP Rejected

Hi all, recently there seems to be more EP rejection..

A little about me, Malaysian, been here for a couple of years and was attached to large MNC and thereafter a local bank in Sg.

Married to a foreigner living in Sg as well.

Recently resigned as I got a new job offer (i know it was a huge mistake)

New employer applied for my EP mid Sept and it got rejected a week later with vague reason - to refer to SAT, not qualified/ salary...The role is exactly what I have been doing in Sg for a couple of years and I have a bachelors from a recognized uni and a Masters on its way (completed, pending official graduation).

Employer then made amendment as they selected the wrong designation initially and filed an appeal. 3 weeks later, appeal got rejected with the same reason. As per SAT, I am qualified for an EP as per the pay they are offering. They are offering me >15% more than my previous pay in a local bank. The company is fairly new in Sg (<3years) with their HQ based overseas.

They have less than 10 employees here, all of whom are locals. Hence, I am the first foreigner they are hiring.

They want to put across a second appeal though they wish to know the exact reject reason before doing so. If it is salary, then they will review the salary again.

They contacted MOM 2 weeks ago to check on the exact reason of rejection though MOM has been asking them for more and more time to come back with a reason. MOM even asked for the application form, employment contract and everything all over again (to be sent via email)..Hence, the company is now stuck not knowing to proceed with an appeal and if yes on what basis or a new EP application..

Anyone experienced similar situation?

I had never had an issue with previous EPs, first time was approved in <5 days and second time in 2 days

Can I call MOM to check on anything at all?

I am quite stuck now, as my husband lives here, my PR app is pending (8 months now, soon to be rejected if i fail to get an EP) and I don't wish to live separately from my husband, who is on EP as well. We can sustain on just my husband's pay though I need a valid EP, LTVP or something to stay here 😢

We can't get a DP as my husband's salary falls short of $6K.

Not sure what options I have now 😪😪😭

Anyone has suggestions of LTVP, STVP or anything for me to stay here for sometime till this issue gets sorted out or i find a different job?

Any help or advice is appreciated

Sorry to hear your case. I have been saying many times in this forum that DO NOT resign from your present job till your new work pass approved.

Looking at your situation, you did a huge mistake, knowing the fact that your husband is not eligible to apply DP for you.

Coming back to your query, you can check with your new employer if they received any response from MoM. If they haven’t got any response then send a reminder.

MoM doesn’t entertain employees query on application rejection but looking at your situation, you can call them and request them if possible to give some advise. MoM doesn’t provide any reason for the rejection but sometime gives a hint.

Hopefully, your appeal will get through and get your pass approved. Good luck

MOM reverted today that the reason of rejection is my university...

Weirdly, my university in Malaysia is well recognized in SG and there is no issues with it at all.

It appears on SAT and EP drop down list.

I infact did it full time (1+3 years - degree) and both my previous EPs had no issues..

No idea how this could be a reason of rejection

You can check with your employer to reach out MoM for clarification, and request them to advise how to resolve this issue.

You can find out from your end that in recent times, was there any negative news about university. Good luck

My employer spoke with them again and was advised to reappeal by quoting a specific case number..will see how it goes in 3 weeks time

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