Visa application

Im from kenya .I applied belgium visa( family reunion)under tls  nairobi kenya .my wife she is from czech but working in Brussels with European union parliament .I track my status and its said my file was sent to Belgium authority  now its 5weeks I haven't get my results .would one advise me pls?

Applications may take a lot longer due to the amount of applications the authorities have to process. Could take months.
All the information has to be verified where necessary.

You could try contacting them.

Indeed, it can take upto 6 months nowadays.

I applied for long stay visa under tls  ,embassy called me and said they was some changes in my visa they registered my visa short stay visa , today I checked online my status and I found decision is accord !my question is do the embassy give back all e documents ? How can I extend my visa ? What are the procedures ? Would anyone to help me pls ?

You just have your visa. And you already want to make it extend. In you have something else in the head ... Recover your passport already come to record in Belgium. After we see.

Wait for your visa and see what type it is, and verify if it is the one you applied for.

It’s type c short stay 90 days And Bnl 1,bnl 11

Is this what you applied for ?

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