Typical utility costs

Could someone give me info on the amount that you would expect to pay on utilty bills, service charges, internet and anything else. Based on a 2/3 bedroom apartment.

Check out www.numbeo.com

China is a big country. The costs vary from region to region.

I would suggest breaking China down into about 250 subregions. Then within each region, you can query your specific question.

Shenzhen sorry.

Still, Shenzhen is enormous. There are 12 million people in Shenzhen. To put that in perspective, there are ONLY 4.5 million people in New York City. In other words, Shenzhen is roughly three times larger than New York City.

It might be better to narrow down which suburb in Shenzhen you are thinking about.

My house in Nanshan is now being rented out a 7500 RMB/month. A few years back we rented it for 3000/month. Unless you are a well-paid expat, I wouldn't even consider Louhu. Futian is also expensive.

Check out Buji, or BaoAn.

Location around Shekou, close to Peninsula.

Im looking at 8000-10000RMB per month.

Shekou is a big expat community. Expect higher than normal prices.

I went there last year for some Mexican food. Tacos, burritos and beer ran me and my wife 400 RMB. Compare that to a typical Chinese restaurant. Meals are around 69 to 120 RMB.

I think you can figure in getting an apartment for around 5000 to 10,000 RMB depending on what you want, pls and another 30% on top of that for utilities and management costs. Food will run you another 500 to 3000 RMB .

Shekou is not cheap.

I would suggest moving two subway stations away and living local Chinese style. That will cut the number in half. Good luck.

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