EP got rejected for hiding salary range

Hi guys,

My EP has been applied on 22nd Oct and it was rejected on 5th November stating that the salary range in jobs bank advertisement is either hidden or undisclosed. My employer has posted the job again with no salary specified again. Will it impact my appeal after end of the new job ad. Anyone had similar experience??


HI this is anand actually my HR appliled ep pass almost done 2 months but still pending someone told me pending came means its rejected . but my mind is not clear pz tell me good suggestion

Srujanece: If the reason for rejection is not adressed, an apeal makes no sense and will be rejected again.

Anand: You posted a separate message with a different topic on this thread. Why?
"Pending" means no decision is made yet. If it is rejected, it will say "Rejected".

Thankyou for replay me what iam question ? its rejected or approved no problem but they are status
my appalication pending its irritating me.  mom tell me proper  reason means  , i getting fear to aapeal the documents again they are pending means what i do

Anand: Sorry, I do not understand your post above. Could you please explain it more clearly - or ask a friend with better English abilities to post on your behalf?
If the fact that your status is "Pending" and not "Approved" or "Rejected" irritates you, then please read the many existing forum post about the process and its duration.

Thanks Beppi for your response. They have filed a new application as they had to advertise with new job posting id. Earlier they advertised with salary range hidden on Jobs bank. Hence it got rejected.

Currently the status is pending and awaiting the outcome.

Also a new application will have the same result if the problem (here: salary not specified) is still present.
Don't waste your time on this employer, who obviously doiesn't know what they're doing. Look for another one!

If the status is pending on MoM website, you will not get any further information. Only thing you can do is to wait.

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