Do I need to do tourist extension since my EP is still under review?

Hi, I get an offer and the company has started applying for my ep from end of September. And now is 5 weeks passed. I came to Singapore in the middle of this period, waiting for the application approval. However, I only have 10 days left before my tourist visa expired. Do I need to apply for an extension in ICA, or actually ICA know my EP application is in process, so that I do not need to apply for extension. I am saying this, it's because previously my friend here applying a dependent pass, and the pass has been granted before his wife's tourist visa is going to be expired. So they ask ICA whether they need to do an extension, and the ICA officer tell them not necessary since they know that the pass is in progress. So I don't know whether I can also spare that too. Thank you a lot for your all replies!

Your friend telling incorrect information to you. No matter whether someone’s work pass is pending or DP is pending, he or she MUST HAVE valid visa to stay in Singapore.

DO NOT try to overstay here, it will lead to penalty and other implications which you will regret later.

Now, back to you question, why you need visa extension? It is always wise to stay in your home country and wait for your work pass approval. Once it’s approved then enter Singapore with IPA letter.

If you are going to apply extension, you can through online but what would be your reason? Most likely your visa extension won’t be granted. But, give a try. Good luck

Hi, surya2k, thanks a lot for this answer! I think under this situation, i would probably try to apply for an extension first. I am here is only because my relatives are here, i wanna get myself involved in this environment first. Otherwise, i might need to back home for a while...sigh. I thought the ep should be granted fast, since it has already 5 weeks more. I wish it can be granted next week! But only fingercross to that, i should still get prepared first..

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