Vap equipment import tax

Hi, my partner arrived in Riyhad, Saudi last night and was charged an import tax for his Vap.
He was not charged last time, is this new or has he just been lucky on previous trips?

You mean vape?

Yes. he has carried it in with no problems before.


That is strange.  I carry it in myself and never been stopped.  But then, I separate the tank and the mod and put them in different bags.   

Was he carrying more than one vape?  or a big mod altogether?

It's not a huge vape, but not the pen sized one I recommended he buy for travelling!

He would have had it in his pocket as he is never without it.

Do you carry your in hand luggage or split it up?

I'll get a copy of the receipt he was given


I carry it in hand luggage.

Put mod in laptop bag  and tank in the carry on suit case.

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