Looking for lighting stores = Decor Lamp shop in D2

Hi Neighbours,

Hope you are all doing very well.

We are looking for some good lighting stores/ lamp shops around in Thao Dien, An Phu, D2. We need to replace for some 80's old wall lamps in the house.

We would highly appreciate your recommendation, info, detail address in D2.

Thank you,

D2 is not really the best place to find that sort of thing. There is a building accessories part of town out past D5 that has boatloads of that type of thing. I can drive to it but could not tell you how to save my soul. I am sure someone will know and help out. I would be cautious of getting LED’s here. I have not had any that last much longer, if that then an incondecent light. They are from China and garbage.

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