Marriage between an Egyptian woman and a Spanish man

Marriage between a Spanish man and an Egyptian woman
Hi, hopefully, I could get some guidance here , likely there are people with already some experience.
My Egyptian partner and me , we are planning to get married but we are having initial difficulties, mainly related with the lack of knowledge of the Spanish legislation ( experiences from other countries could be helpful too).
First I would like to know how easy or difficult could be getting married at the consulate (comments from other consulates could be helpful too)
Then I don’t know how long it would take my future wife to get a Spanish visa.
And now the thorny issues; her father is asking me for the Dowry, she says that she doesn’t want anything but this is a clear requirement for him . The money per se is not the issue but rather to be part of what initially seem a commercial relationship with haggling and everything included and to base our relationship on inequality.
It seems that in the Egyptian context there is the need of the woman to be protected in case of divorce, but my question is, if we get married in the Spanish consulate, would she be protected by the Spanish law and she will have all the rights as a Spanish citizen? In that case, the dowry would not be necessary and instead, she would have half of whatever is produced during the marriage. Is that the case?
For her all of this is the same and she doesn’t care about these issues, but first I don’t want her to felt out with her father and I also don’t want to have any position of power in the future.
Also, if anyone can explain how the Dowry works? Likely is widely known but I have difficulties finding clear information.
Thanks very much for any help.

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