Need a Better Place to Live

We have an apartment in Dambovita, but my wife is nervous about living there, mainly because of the crappy health facilities nearby.  But I refuse to live in Bucuresti (despite really liking the Monza hospital).  Or *in* any big city.  I figure the outskirts of a city is good enough.

So...where should we look first?  We're not hurrying about it, no plans on keeling over right this minute, so we'll be wanting to take a look-see all around.  Cluj, Timisoara, Brasov, wherever.  Not limited to those listed, of course.  Something north of DB, anyway.  (Unless you really like some other area, even non-northern)   She wants a good hospital w/ER nearby, good schools/uni.  Crossing our fingers for decent roads.  And land prices not in the ridiculous range (hence the "outskirts" thing).  We'll be building a house, hopefully, rather than buying.

What areas do you like, bearing the above in mind?

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