Marriage process to a British husband

Hey guys ,  I'm Kamilu, a female living n working in  Morocco , n I'm intending to get married to a British male living n working in London,  since  we're  totally clueless about the process, anything would be useful ( documents we need to prepare,  steps we should follow,  places we should contact or book a meeting with ...)  hope you guys would help n thanks!

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All the details are contained on the UK Gov website; this link will take you there.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thanks for your kind response but I'm hoping I get advices from somebody who went through this process,  cuz it's still blurry for us so far..  :/

Then I wish you a very happy wedding day. :)

So sweet of you, I appreciate it :)

Hi, I got married to a British man. I am from Guatemala (outside UK). You have to book an interview in London

See: … fault.aspx

Marriages and civil partnerships
Marriages and civil partnerships are also provided by Islington Council

Marriage and civil partnerships venues licence

If you are the owner or proprietor of a venue and would like to apply for a licence to host weddings or civil partnerships on that premises.

Venue hire

If you are looking for a licenced venue to host a weddings or civil partnerships ceremony, see venues for hire. Please note: Guildhall is not able to take any private bookings.

I did a file with photos and dates to prove it is not just an online hook up

good luck


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