S Pass Rejected

I just discovered right now that my SPASS was rejected by MOM through ep online.

My application was filed last Sept 19. After 2 weeks, I asked for an update and they said my status was still PENDING ubtil NOV 05 2018. Now Ive learned today, nov 06, that My application was rejected.

Disclaimer says, "The status shown is accurate as at day of enquiry and is subjected to changes withour prior notification from WPD"

What does this mean? do I still have a chance?

for further details, I am applying as a Preschool teacher with a salary of 2600, i guess.

I have 4 years of experience teaching as a Preschool teacher, Took uo Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Preschool with license and I finished ny MA in Guidance and Counseling with license.

Thank you.

Your employer can appeal against the rejection.
If they submit a good explanation with the appeal, which addresses the rejection reasons, then you still have a chance.

Thank you, Beppi.

Maybe I should just wait how things would unfold. Blessings!

Could anyone give me an advice?

I am still waiting for my SPAss, until now there is no progress.. Im losing hope, in 2 weeks time my medical certificate would expire and I have to do it all over again :(

When did your employer submit the appeal (and with which justification)?
An appeal can take a similar time as the original application. But re-taking the medical check is not a big deal.

I see... I have a concern, I checked my status on MOM website.

I clicked the "Card Delivery/Collection Status" and then, I was surprised because  the result was
"Delivery to Customer" and the date was 16/06/2015

But the thing is, I've never been to Singapore and this is my first time.


And then when I clicked the section "Employment and Related Pass validity",  the date application was 11/05/2017 and it was "INVALID". I never applied before, only this year, 2018.

How could that be?

Looks like a ststem error then.
If you are worried that it might affect your current or future applications, you can contact MoM to correct the record.

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