Working/residence visa

Is there any physical examination in residence permit in bahrain..

There is a full medical i.e. blood tests, X-ray, eye test and physical examination.

But I already made my medical examination here in philippines,xray,blood test,physical exam,stool and urinalysis,,and I am fit to work here..shall i undergo another test in appling residence permit?

Yes you will.  They will stamp residency and give you date for medical.  If failed, the residence visa will be cancelled and you will be deported.

Every single GCC country re-tests after your arrive and before granting residency.  GAMCA medical is just to issue the initial work visa which allows you to come here.  It is to save employer costs which would increase if the workers come here and are found to be UNFIT - this used to happen years ago in the past.

Thank you sir

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